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Follow This Spring Gardening Checklist For a Gorgeous Landscape Year-Round

Updated: May 10, 2021

By Andrea Beck, Better Homes & Gardens

Spring Gardening Checklist - On Point Nursery

The garden is waking up, and you're in charge! It's time to start planting, pruning, and preparing your flower beds.

Much like a good spring cleaning after a long winter can help freshen up your house, taking a similar approach to your yard will help you get it back in shape for the warmer months. Even after the snow and ice melts, it can be a little overwhelming to tackle all the work that needs to be done for a picture-perfect spring landscape. Use this checklist to help pace yourself as you get your flower beds and shrubs cleaned up. It's broken down into early, mid-, and late spring so you can plan out your garden clean-up tasks and hit each area of your landscape before summer arrives.

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