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The gift of time in the garden, given the pandemic

Updated: May 10, 2021

By Sally Cunningham,

Gift of Time in the Garden - On Point Nursery

How many times in your life have you said, "If only I had time for ... " Perhaps you regret many things you couldn’t do – the carpentry project or the book you intended to write or the gardening – because of your job and duties and social commitments?

I have often said aloud: "If I could just stop time ... " Well, some of you may be feeling time has practically stopped, and this is the year you do have time for gardening.

These suggestions are especially for people who haven’t done much gardening or yard work before – new homeowners or renters who are just learning to take care of a yard.

It’s also for people who might have hired others to do the work during a busy time of life, but things have changed – now it’s DIY time.

Some folks may be pinch-hitting, indoors and out, for someone in health care or doing other essential services. Whoever you are, there are some things everybody with a yard ought to know - Read more HERE

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